Monday, May 14, 2012

Auburn Football: Why the Trovon Reed Arrest Went Unnoticed

Trovon Reed - WR
Todd Van Emst Photo

So you didn't hear about the arrest on Auburn's team over the weekend? That's odd, because Trovon Reed is one of the most known Auburn Tigers on the 2012 squad. So how did the arrest of a marquee player go so unnoticed?

With college football full of controversy, there seems to be nothing better for rival fan bases to grip onto than current player arrest records. It seems virtually impossible for current athletes to change girlfriends without someone "in the know" taking notice.

The "news" hits message boards in a split second, quickly building a case, trial and decision before most kids make it out from behind the bars of the jail they landed in. So how could this arrest disappear so quickly from the spotlight it never held?

Who Reported It

The first report came from Thibodeux, La. local newspaper the Daily Comet. The second set of reports came out around Sunday afternoon. 

Usually, when you hear about charges or arrests of marquee players, the news pours out within hours. This arrest was first reported on Saturday night at 7:59 p.m. CT. It took twelve hours before secondary reports began to drip.

That shows the lack of "news" that came from the story. There was no controversy as the arrest stemmed from unpaid parking tickets that Reed had received in high school. Tickets he thought were already paid. 

Reed told the Daily Comet "It was an old parking ticket from high school...I thought I had taken care of it, but obviously I didn't."

Why It Has Become a Non-Story

With the only reasoning behind the arrest being warrants from outstanding parking tickets, the teeth of controversy have been quickly retracted. 

There is no meat to a story that could be, and I am sure that many hoped would be. 

After all, it was just a few weeks ago that Michael Dyer was sitting on a stand claiming that he had some issues smoking too much ganja and synthetic weed in his time at Auburn. 

The implication that Gene Chizik had an issue with drugs on his team began to float through the air like the smell from a stale sewer treatment plant. Unfortunately for the haters, the smell seems to be drifting away rather briskly. 

Just ten days ago, Sammy Watkins of Clemson was arrested on drug-related charges. Arkansas has just recently dismissed three players for dorm room robberies. Issues occur everywhere, but the bigger story is what didn't happen to Trovon Reed. 

There were no DUI's or drug arrests that resulted from the traffic stop. Reed was arrested, which is never a positive, but it was not a major issue. It was unpaid parking tickets.

How the Arrest Carried a Positive Sign for the Tigers

Never are arrests good things, but this one in particular has a much bigger message attached to it I think.

After the constant ridicule that the Tigers program has been under after Cam Newton and the recent arrested four, this is a sign to all that the Tigers are building a strong program with talented recruits with strong character. 

Trovon Reed was in a car with a former high school teammate when he was arrested. Neither were arrested for drugs or underage alcohol possession. That's a positive for the Tigers.

Reed made a mistake, but not one that will hinder his progression with the team, or the image of his university. 

With all the bad news that comes across the press wires weekly surrounding college football players, this bit of news was annoying to a player, his family and the program, but not much else.

If this is all that the Tigers have to worry about with its players under Chizik, Auburn will be in good shape. 

Am I saying that no other Auburn player will be arrested for doing something stupid? No. It may happen. Right now, the Tigers program comes out looking much better than some would hope or expect. 

No wonder no one has really been talking about this arrest. There wasn't any bad news or implications attached to it.